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		25 June 2021

LLC "10-GPZ" joined the Association " Rosspetsmash"

ООО "10-ГПЗ" вступил в Ассоциацию "Росспецмаш" On 28.05.2021, a meeting of the Board of Directors decided to grant the status of an "associated organization" to LLC "Tenth Bearing Plant". The Russian Association of Manufacturers of Specialized Machinery and Equipment (abbreviated as the Association "Rosspetsmash") is a non-profit organization that unites companies to lobby for the interests of domestic specialized machinery in state authorities, promote their products on domestic and foreign markets, develop and review technical standards and regulations, solve issues of modernization of the industry and improve the quality of manufactured machinery and equipment. The Rosspetsmash Association includes 217 enterprises, including manufacturers of agricultural and road construction equipment, food equipment, components, trailers and semi-trailers.

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