The main target of development of the Tenth Bearing Plant today is increase the range of products through developments of new kinds and upgrade of technical base of the enterprise.

 Before modernization   After modernization
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Band saw for metal Siloma. For a long time cutting machines davav 3200 were used in a plants of bearing industry. The disadvantages of such equipment are: the complexity of the changeover, low universality of specialized tool. Above factors affect the competitiveness of the products. Therefore it was decided to use a band saw equipment with computer numeric control that allows to make cutting of different size workpieces of any kind of metal rolling of any profile.

 Before modernization After modernization
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Vertical milling machining center Haas Mini Mill.In the modern economic conditions there is a need for quick mastering of new types of components. The most difficult in the process of pre-production is a brass cage. Using vertical milling machining center allows to make any modification of brass separators in the shortest possible time and to get the lowest cost.


Coolant purification system. Policy of products quality requires an integrated technological approach to production processes. One of the most important factor in ensuring the quality of the surface finishing is properties of the used lubricate and cooling fluid (coolant). Investments to the program of technical modernization of the equipment allowed to purchase coolant cleaning system with high performance.