6 July 2021

The Tenth Bearing Plant presented its products at the INNOPROM-2021 industrial exhibition

"Десятый подшипниковый завод" представил свою продукцию на промышленной выставке ИННОПРОМ-2021 At the International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, a wide range of products of Don enterprises will be presented - from tractors, rolled metal products and equipment of wind power plants to greenhouse substrates, air filters and anti-virus paint.
The delegation of the Rostov Region to INNOPROM-2021 is headed by Governor Vasily Golubev. The exposition of the Don region at the International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg was prepared by the Investment Development Agency of the Rostov Region and operates under the slogan " Rostov Region. We are growing the industry."
Among the Don enterprises presenting their products at INNOPROM-2021 is the "Tenth Bearing Plant".
The exposition of the Rostov Region at INNOPROM-2021 is the largest in the history of the region's participation in the international industrial exhibition in Yekaterinburg. The Don Region will present investment projects worth more than 250 billion rubles at INNOPROM-2021.

INNOPROM-2021 takes place from July 5 to 8. More than 600 industrial companies from 23 countries are represented on its platform.

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