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Роскомнадзор заблокирует Telegram 12 April 2018 Roskomnadzor will block Telegram
Roskomnadzor filed an application for an immediate blockade of Telegram in the event that the agency won a lawsuit against the messenger. The hearing on this case is scheduled for April 13

Сокращение заводов в США 10 March 2018 Reduction of plants in the US
After the beginning of massive shipments of steel and aluminum from abroad, there were very few capacities in the United States for smelting metals for the defense industry.

С 8 марта! 8 March 2018 Happy Women's Day
Spring is perhaps the most beautiful and romantic time of the year. That is why in a number of countries on March 8 celebrate the holiday, known as the "International Women's Day." Happy holiday, dear women!

С Днём защитника Отечества! 23 February 2018 Happy Fatherland Defender Day!
Traditionally on February 23 we congratulate our husbands, fathers, sons. friends or acquaintances, colleagues - as well as all those who passed or served in the army. Happy holiday, the defenders of our Fatherland!

День освобождения Ростова-на-Дону 14 February 2018 Day of liberation of Rostov-on-Don
For residents of Rostov-on-Don, February 14 - a special holiday "The Day of liberation from the Nazi invaders." Not a few streets of the city are named in honor of the heroes of the defense, including Peskova st., where today the plant of JSC "10-GPZ" is located.

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