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Экспорт на грани 20 January 2020 Export to the brink
Artificial sapphires, solar panels and radars travel abroad. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to extend import substitution plans until 2024. In total, 23 import substitution plans are being implemented, which were initially formed before 2020.

Путин раскритиковал ОПК за то, что предприятия «сидят» на оборонзаказе 16 January 2020 Putin criticized the defense industry for the fact that enterprises are "sitting" on defense orders
The level of diversification in the military-industrial complex (MIC) of Russia is still insufficient, enterprises continue to "sit" on the defense order. Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized this subject at a meeting with the leadership of the Federation Council and the State Duma.

Итоги «MIMS-2019» 29 August 2019 Results of MIMS-2019
The 24th International Exhibition of Spare Parts, Automotive Components, Equipment and Products for Automobile Maintenance has been completed. The event, as usual, was a success. We were pleased to meet with long-standing partners and new business contacts.

Россия признает зарубежные суды 9 July 2019 Russia will begin to recognize decisions of foreign courts on business
Russia, together with the United States and trading partners, has adopted the Convention on Mutual Recognition and Enforcement of Court Decisions. If a court abroad decides to recover money from a Russian company, the decision will be enforced in Russia.

Новый завод для автопрома 3 July 2019 New plant for the automotive industry
Республика Корея заявила о планах по строительству в Северной столице автомобильного завода и инвестиционных вложениях в косметическую отрасль. Об этом рассказал генеральный консул Республики Корея в Санкт-Петербурге Квон Дон Сок.

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