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Итоги 2020 года для промышленности России: оценка ИПЕМ 21 January 2021 Results of 2020 for Russian industry: IPEM assessment
IPEM analyzed the results of the work of the industrial complex of Russia in 2020. According to the Institute's estimates, production and demand for it decreased almost simultaneously. According to IPEM, the past year has clearly shown the advantage of implementing systemic measures of industrial policy, including measures for import substitution, over anti-crisis ones

Назначение нового генерального директора ООО «10-ГПЗ» 18 January 2021 Appointment of a new General Director of 10-GPZ LLC»
<p> On January 18, 2021, Dmitry Shutkin was appointed General Director of the Tenth Bearing Plant. </p>

Цены на нефть близки к годичным максимумам 15 January 2021 Oil prices close to annual highs
Futures for the American WTI blend closed at a maximum in 11 months, the Russia 24 TV channel reports . 

10-ГПЗ поздравляет всех с Новым годом и Рождеством! 31 December 2020 10-GPZ wishes everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
The tenth bearing Plant sincerely wishes Everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Подведены экономические итоги 2020 года в России 21 December 2020 Economic results of 2020 in Russia summed up
<p> Based on the economic results of the outgoing year, we can judge what trends (positive or negative) are waiting for Russians in 2021 in terms of jobs, lending and the future of remote work. Elena Verevochkina, the manager of the St. Petersburg branch of RGS Bank, answered all these burning questions in an interview with Slovo I Delo. </p>

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