9 February 2024


Российские лазерные роботизированные комплексы для металлообработки The towards trend robotization of welding processes is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. More than 1.6 thousand enterprises in Russia have introduced automatic welding. The global robotic welding market is projected to increase by 8.7% by 2026. The Russian industrial robotics market is about 1% of the global market. Robots can work continuously without the need for rest and perform complex operations with high precision. Sekirus from TD Hephaestus is a robotic CNC complexes for welding operations. The key achievement is considered to be the cooling system of the device, known as a "chiller". The Sekirus is capable of working five times faster than manual welding and provides stable, high-quality welds. The Hephaestus trading house launched the Sekirus brand in 2019, and now the company will strengthen its position in the domestic market. Sekirus complexes are in demand in various industries, including mechanical engineering, instrumentation, nuclear energy and the food industry.

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