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		8 October 2021

Russia will release tractors on autopilot with artificial intelligence

Россия выпустит тракторы на автопилоте с искусственным интеллектом The St. Petersburg Tractor Plant will release machines with Cognitive Pilot autopilots based on artificial intelligence (AI).
according to the manufacturer, the new solution will allow agricultural farms to achieve a fundamentally different level of quality and efficiency of agricultural work, when AI controls the main processes: tractor movement, agricultural equipment with the functionality of monitoring their condition.

This configuration will be the first case in Russia of factory installation of an AI-based autopilot on tractor equipment.
Delivery to customers of an experimental batch of 10-20 cars with the second version of the autopilot is expected to be carried out in the fall of 2022. Serial production of tractors with this system is scheduled to begin in August 2023.

Tractors will cost from 8 to 12 million rubles - this is more than twice as profitable as offers from Western competitors.

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