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		19 May 2022

10-GPZ LLC is a participant of the Week Without Turnstiles

ООО «10-ГПЗ» — участник «Недели без турникетов»
The action of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia “Week without turnstiles”, which took place at 10-GPZ LLC from April 28, 29, 2022, gathered 294 people. The events were attended by schoolchildren and students, for the guests of the plant they had a tour of the workshops of the enterprise: from the warehouse of basic materials to the delivery of the finished product to the warehouse of finished products, they conducted all the stages of manufacturing bearings.

In total, one full-time tour of the plant and one online tour were organized.
A full-time excursion for schoolchildren took place on April 28, 21 schoolchildren of the Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution of the city of Rostov-on-Don "School No. 87 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Shcherbakov Nikolai Mitrofanovich" took part in it. The tour was conducted by the chief technologist Borisov Igor Sergeevich together with the director of personnel management Paramonova Darya Valerievna. The guests were shown a JH-802 continuous thermal unit, as well as unique sorting and assembly equipment.

“With the increase in the level of technical equipment of enterprises, the requirements for the level of professional training of working personnel also increase. Thanks to the campaign “Week without turnstiles”, future workers plunged into the world of production and learned about the prestige and importance of working professions,” said Igor Sergeevich Borisov, chief technologist.

A video conference for students was held on April 29, 273 people took part in it: 260 students and 13 teachers. During the on-lan event, students were told about the history of 10-GPZ LLC, showed a video on the topic of production, and answered students' questions.

The following educational institutions took part in the online tour: Belokalitvinsky Technological College, Shakhty Regional College of Fuel and Energy named after. Academician Stepanova P.I., GBPOU RO Don Construction College, GBPOU RO Donskoy College of Construction, Kamensk Chemical-Technological College, Vocational School No. 36, Donetsk Industrial and Humanitarian College, GBPOU RO Taganrog Metallurgical College, GBPOU RO Vocational School No. 5.

The annual all-Russian campaign "Week without turnstiles" has been held by the Union of Machine Builders of Russia since 2015 in spring and autumn. The purpose of the action is to acquaint schoolchildren and students with enterprises and professions that are in demand in modern industrial production, to present future specialists and their parents with real jobs and working conditions. A distinctive feature of the event is a demonstration of the current production in order to acquaint students with the demanded enterprises and professions.

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