16 September 2022

On August 23, 2022, the All-Russian competition of professional skills of the Association "Rosspetsmash" and ASCON was held.

Десятый подшипниковый завод принял участие в Всероссийском конкурсе профмастерства Ассоциации "Росспецмаш" и АСКОН.
Vasyunkina Elena Vladimirovna, Leading Design Engineer of LLC 10-GPZ, took part in the competition and successfully completed the terms of reference for 3D modeling of parts and assembly units, developed design documentation for ESKD, performed strength and hydro-gasdynamic calculations.

At present, the task of import substitution has acquired particular urgency. This applies to all industries, including manufacturers of agricultural, food and road construction equipment. The solution of such problems, first of all, falls on specialists occupying design positions. It was for such specialists that the All-Russian competition of professional skills of the Rosspetsmash Association was organized

The competition is designed to popularize the profession of a design engineer and is aimed at motivating specialists for professional development and the development of digital technologies necessary to increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the agricultural, road construction, food engineering (hereinafter referred to as special engineering). The software and the competition task were provided by the largest Russian developer of engineering software ASCON JSC.

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