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		8 January 2018

Protection of defense industry from sanctions

Защита ОПК от санкций
This was done to ensure the development of the defense industry complex (DIC) and the execution of the state defense order (GOZ) under conditions of illegal external restrictions. In his blog, @Rogozin, Dmitry Rogozin published the following: "In the Collegium of the MIC there has been formed an operational headquarters to ensure the sustainable development of the defense industry and stable implementation of the GOZ in the context of the projected strengthening of US illegal sanctions against Russian defense enterprises. The Headquarters will be headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military Industrial Complex Oleg Ivanovich Bochkarev.
Earlier, in the fall of 2017, the US State Department published a list of 30 Russian companies and departments whose cooperation, including through the military-technical cooperation system, could threaten sanctions. There, in particular, included Rostek and a number of its holdings, UAC, USC, Almaz-Antey and others. Vladimir Kozhin, the presidential aide on military-technical cooperation, forecasted the introduction of a new package of sanctions related to the spheres of energy, armaments, and those areas where large Russian capital is employed, which places its funds abroad.

Source: Economy today

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