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		9 June 2017

Bearing vibration

Вибрация подшипников

Is it necessary to stop and disassemble the equipment to determine its malfunction? Not at all, using vibration diagnostic of bearings it is possible to find out whether there are any breakages including hidden and how long the equipment could work without fail.

Significant vibrations signal about the need for immediate maintenance, because the serviceable bearings create a minimum of vibration. A defective bearing threatens not only working capacity of the equipment, but also the safety of people.

The main causes of vibration of bearings and failure of equipment are misalignment, unbalance, "soft paw" (the appearance of a gap under the support), bending of shafts, loosening of fastenings, defects of bearings, as well as defects in mechanical transmissions.

How can vibration of bearing be detected and measured?

Strong deviations from the norm are noticeable without using of special instruments. Appearance of noticeable vibrations is potentially dangerous and actions in such cases should be done immediately. Periodic control of the vibration level of bearings can be carried out by compact instruments (vibro-handle, vibro-meters), which allow to make a general check the condition of mechanisms and machines.

Vibration acceleration, speed and temperature can be determined using a vibro-handle. These parameters are used to evaluate the level of vibration of rolling bearings as well as their suitability for future operation. Modern developers have released smartphones applications, with which a mobile device can be turned into a vibration meter using the built-in accelerometer.

Vibration analyzers, vibrodiagnostics
Vibration analyzers have much higher functionality. These devices converts the bearing vibration function of time to the vibration function of frequency. Knowledge of this spectral characteristic, design and size of the bearing allows to perform vibration diagnostics of the device, determine the nature of the failure and then eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

Instruments that help monitoring of vibration of bearings
Sensors that implement a continuous monitoring of level of the vibration are mounted on the bearing’s housing. If the preset threshold is exceeded, then the sensors send a light signal or a message about it over the wireless networks to the monitoring system.
Such devices clearly detect and accurately measure the vibration level of the rolling bearings. They pay off fairly quickly because their use does not require heavy expenses for maintenance and helps prevent accidents, failure and idle of equipment.

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