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		21 December 2016

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade expects production increase in the coming years

В Минпромторге РФ рассчитывают на рост производства в ближайшие годы

In the next 5 years the volume of car production in Russia is expected to grow by a third. In 2015 production volume was 1.2 million units. In 2020 1.6 million cars can be manufactured in our country according to the report of director of the automotive and railway engineering industry department of the Ministry of Russia Mr. Alexei Volodin presented at the 25th final conference "Automotive industry 2016" which held by "ASM-Holding" on 14 December, 2016.
According to Mr. Volodin, next year the production increase is expected to be of 7%. Automotive industry subsidies will be saved at 62.3 billion rubles. In addition, there is a plan to support the export of motor vehicles produced in the Russian Federation.
The main factors that should contribute to the growth of car production in Russia are the following: the modern production facilities, basic competence in the field of design and engineering, the presence of economic conditions for a competitive level of car production costs in Russia and for expansion into foreign markets.

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