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		14 July 2017



As it became known to newspaper “Kommersant”, the most popular cars purchased as part of electronic public procurement in 2016 were local assembly models Lada Granta, Chevrolet Niva, UAZ Patriot, Volkswagen Polo and Lada Niva. Most of the cars are purchased by law enforcement agencies: almost a quarter of state procurement fell on the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The state structures that spent about 4.5 billion rubles on the renewal of the car fleet last year, choose mostly inexpensive models with a high level of localization of production in the Russian Federation and a predictable cost of service, experts say.

In 2016, Lada Granta became the most popular machine purchased by state and municipal organizations in electronic trading, representatives of the electronic platform "RTS-Tender" told to “Kommersant”. We are talking about statistics on the openly indicated purchases of cars upon 44th Federal Low on all five platforms ("RTS-Tender", "Sberbank-AST", Unified Electronic Market Place, Electronic Trading System and Agency for the State Order of the Republic of Tatarstan).

Granta accounted for 24% of the total number of purchased vehicles - 2.9 thousand cars at an average price of 477.6 thousand rubles. The second most popular is Chevrolet Niva (1,100 cars at an average price of 607.4 thousand rubles). Next one is UAZ Patriot and Volkswagen Polo at an average price of 905.7 thousand and 734.5 thousand rubles respectively. In total, 951 Patriots were bought, 383 of them for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Polo was purchased in the amount of 915 cars, 730 of them for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Lada Niva is in the fifth place (more than 700 cars for 514.2 thousand rubles.).

The Ministry of Internal Affairs became the largest state customer of cars on 44th Federal Low. In total for 2016 state and municipal customers placed more than 4 thousand notices for car purchase, the total cost of renewal of the park was about 4.5 billion rubles, it follows from statistics of Electronic Market Place. The five first-most popular models are assembled in Russia, they accounted for 55% of all government purchases of cars, Mr. Vladimir Lishenkov, general director of “RTS-Tender”, said.

A sourse: Kommersant

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