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		12 April 2018

Roskomnadzor will block Telegram

Роскомнадзор заблокирует Telegram Roskomnadzor intends to demand an immediate blocking of the telegram, if the court satisfies the claim of the agency. This was stated by the representative of the department, TASS reported. "We are announcing a petition for the immediate execution of a judicial decision on the blocking of Telegram," said a Roskomnadzor spokesman. As the RAPSI specifies, the court will decide whether to approve or reject this petition when making a final decision on the case. The review of the claim of Roskomnadzor to Telegram is scheduled for April 13, the Moscow Tagansky court session will begin at 10:00 Moscow time, Judge Yuliya Smolina said. The representative of Telegram was not present at the conversation in court, since the lawyer of the messenger on this case is on a business trip, the agency specifies. Earlier it became known that the lawyers Telegram asked to postpone the meeting, but the court rejected the request of the representatives of the messenger to postpone the meeting. In addition, the judge granted Roscomnadzor's petition to bring Russia as a third person to the Federal Security Service (FSB), Interfax reported. Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit demanding that the Telegram messenger be blocked in Russia on April 6, as the latter did not provide the FSB with the keys to decrypt the correspondence. As it became known on April 11, Telegram is not acting as a defendant in this case, but as an interested person, the spokeswoman for the Tagansky court, Yulia Sukhinina, said, but she was not able to tell whether the lawyers of Telegram were notified of this. On March 20, Roskomnadzor issued an official notice on the need for Telegram to fulfill these duties. At the same time, the agency threatened that it would apply to the court for a blocking of the messenger in Russia if the request was not executed within the established 15-day period (expired on April 4). In turn, the lawyers of Telegram stated that "the requirements of the FSB to grant access to private correspondence of users are unconstitutional, not based on law, technically and legally unenforceable", so the blocking requirement is also unreasonable. Кроме того, представляющий интересы Telegram юрист Павел Чиков публиковал в своем Telegram-канале ответ на уведомление Роскомнадзора о необходимости передать ФСБ ключи шифрования, в котором говорится, что серверная инфраструктура Telegram «в целях безопасности имеет распределенную структуру и включает в себя подсистемы, находящиеся на территории различных государств и управляемые различными юридическими лицами». В документе также указывалось, что переписка, которая передается через «секретные чаты», никогда не сохраняется на серверах Telegram, а переписка из облачных чатов «распределяется между различными подсистемами и никогда не хранится в одном месте». Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, nevertheless, believes that Telegram's arguments have "a certain amount of slyness." "Any messenger can change its architecture in order to comply with the legislation of the country in which he works," Zharov admitted earlier.

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