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		16 January 2020

Putin criticized the defense industry for the fact that enterprises are "sitting" on defense orders

Путин раскритиковал ОПК за то, что предприятия «сидят» на оборонзаказе The topic of low conversion rates in the defense industry at the meeting was raised by the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. The senator shared her opinion that not enough efforts are being made in this direction in the country. There is a feeling that "the process is going on by itself," no one is responsible for it, she said.
Matvienko recalled the president’s task, "that by 2024 at least 50 percent of civilian products are produced at defense industry enterprises."

Vladimir Putin noted that there are still those responsible for this topic. However, he agreed with the thesis about insufficient conversion rates.

“It is difficult for them to get rid of this paternalism, they are sitting on a defense order,” the head of state said.

“What is being done insufficiently is true,” he continued. - The defense order is still large, because we have it as usual: until the thunder strikes, the man will not cross himself.

Putin recalled that he had "talked about it a hundred times" and "there are some progress."

There are also issues related to the sale of civilian products. After all, “the market needs to be cleared,” the president said.

“Relatively speaking, they produce modern medical equipment - it is difficult to sell domestically,” he stated. - Buyers are already hanging on foreign orders, they are used to it.

In addition, "there are problems associated with the WTO," the president recalled. The fact is that the Russian Federation must act in accordance with the obligations assumed by the World Trade Organization.

He also agreed that it was necessary to more actively pursue the path of preferences for domestic manufacturers.


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