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		21 May 2020

Industrial production in Russia in April decreased by 6.6%

Промышленность России в "нерабочем" апреле упала почти на 7%

The drop in industrial production in Russia in April amounted to 6.6% compared to the same period in 2019, by 9.2% compared to March of this year, Rosstat reports .

Thus, negative forecasts of analysts. So, according to the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, industrial output in April 2020 decreased by 14.8%.

The main reason for the record decline is the suspension of several enterprises for the duration of the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation on the introduction of non-working days due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The maximum decline was recorded in:

·         car assembly - 79.2%;

·         automobile production - 60.2%;

·         manufacturing of internal combustion engines - 51.3%;

·         leather and leather products - 45.4%;

·         production of other vehicles and equipment - 39.4%.

The largest growth was shown by industries related to production:

·         medicines - 13.5%;

·         plastics in primary forms - 8.1%;

·         diesel fuel - 7.2%;

·         mineral fertilizers - 7.1%;

·         securities - by 4.2%;

·         food products - 3.7%.

In the commodity sector, the decline was 3.2% compared to April 2019. Electricity and heat power engineering showed the smallest decline among the four main types of economic activity - by 1.9%. Manufacturing activities decreased by 10%. The largest decline was shown by the sectors related to water supply, sanitation, waste collection and disposal, elimination of pollution - by 11.4%.

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