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		1 December 2020

A bill has been adopted, according to which information on public procurement under the State Defense Order under Federal Law 44 will become completely closed

Принят законопроект, по которому информация о госзакупках по ГосОборонЗаказу в рамках 44 ФЗ станет полностью закрытой

This legislative proposal was submitted by the deputies to the State Duma back in November 2019. During the year, all the details of this draft law were carefully worked out, and coordination measures were taken with the Government of the Russian Federation.

Currently, according to the current legislation, the procurement procedure is excluded only in terms of weapons, military and special equipment from the procurement schedule (a structured list of works, goods and services purchased by the customer).

That is, information about the remaining significant part of the state defense order remained open. Thus, there were still risks, for example, of disclosing the number and categories of servicemen, areas of deployment of military camps and special facilities. The adopted bill on public procurement within the framework of Federal Law 44 expanded the effect to the entire composition and list of the state defense order, this information becomes completely closed and excluded from the procurement schedule.

This approach will minimize the risk of disclosing information about the state defense order and will improve the efficiency of procurement in the context of existing sanctions from foreign states.

The adopted bill "On Amendments to Article 6 of the Federal Law" On State Defense Order "will enter into force in January 2021.

Source: Promvest

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