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		27 April 2017

Bearing units overheating causes

Причины перегрева подшипниковых узлов

In devices in which bearings are used, there is often a problem of overheating. Overheating is usually caused by deterioration or contamination of the lubricant. Let's figure out how to get rid of this problem and prevent its reappearance.

Why overheating can appear?

• bearing become dirty during its installation or the period of use;
• lack or excess of lubricant;
• friction of the bearing to the parts located next to it;
• wrongly selected or installed bearing;
• destruction or severe wear of the part.

If the bearing unit unexpectedly begins to overheat, it is necessary to determine exactly the cause of this problem, that will help to choose the correct way to resolve it. That will help to decide what needs to be done: remove the bearing unit, clean, lubricate or replace the bearing.

If the part produces excessive noise during operation, it may be caused by damage, contamination or heating. Details of the bearing units used in chemical production, on crushing equipment and so on are subject to the influence of aggressive environment as well as various abrasives.

If lubricant is ejected from the assembly, then this indicates its excess or excessive wear of the sealant.

If the part is not installed correctly, the operating load occurs at wrong angles on its working surfaces. It leads to excessive heating of the working surfaces of the part and a reduction in its service life.

How often should the bearing units be serviced? It depends on the conditions of their operation, the features of their installation, as well as the degree of importance of the part for the functioning of the machine as a whole.

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