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		11 April 2017

Support for the automotive industry this year will cost 62.3 billion rubles

Поддержка автопрома в этом году обойдется в 62,3 млрд рублей

In accordance with the state support program in 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will allocate 62.3 billion rubles.
The distribution is agreed and started in May, said deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Mr. Alexander Morozov. The documents of the Ministry indicate that the funds of 2017 to support the car industry will allow to realize 737 thousand of cars, the agency "Finmarket" reports.

"At the moment, budgetary support and anti-crisis, as we call it, additional support for the market are approved," - the deputy Minister said, noting that the Ministry of Finance must form a profitable part to begin cash execution of these measures "for more than 60 billion rubles" in April. "They form the revenue part in April, and we issue accordingly a regulatory act in April and in May we launch the mechanisms of cash execution," – Mr. Morozov added, reminding that the main part of stimulation programs was started by companies the 1st of January.

In addition, the deputy Minister said that in state programs of preferential car leasing and car loans, there may be additional discounts due to new programs. The program "Russian tractor", which is planned to be launched in 2017, will be implemented within already existing state program of preferential car leasing. After these changes, the buyers of tractors will be able to receive an additional discount that the Ministry does not disclose. Now it is 10% of the cost of cars.

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