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		27 January 2018

The package of amendments for issuers of securities passed the first reading

Пакет поправок для эмитентов ценных бумаг прошел первое чтение Let us recall some of the novellas contained in the draft law: - It is planned to provide that equity securities can only be non-documentary securities, the rights of owners of which are fixed in the decision on their issue. In documentary form, they can be issued only in cases where this is expressly provided for by federal securities laws; - It is planned to correct the procedure for registering issues (additional issues) of equity securities. So, according to the project, the state registration of issues (additional issues) of equity securities is carried out by the Bank of Russia. However, in some cases, registration can be carried out by a registrar, stock exchange or central depository (hereinafter - registering organization). True, this will be possible only in cases stipulated by the Law, and only if the issuer concludes a contract with such an organization. The draft law provides for the specifics of registering issues (additional issues) of equity securities by registering organizations. In case of refusal by the registering organization to register the issue, the issuer will be entitled to apply to the Bank of Russia with an application for state registration of the said issue. The Bank of Russia is able to establish various requirements for the form and content of the securities prospectus depending on the type, category (type) of securities, the type of the issuer's primary activity, and also depending on whether the issuer is a small and medium business entity, whether the issuer discloses information in the form of a quarterly report, consolidated financial statements and statements of material facts, and also depending on the number of issues placed by the issuer during the year (additional issues s) of securities. The draft law allows the preparation of short prospectuses of securities in the event that the issuer, in accordance with the requirements of the law, already discloses information on the securities market in the form of quarterly reports, consolidated financial statements and statements of material facts. In this case, he has the right, in place of the information to be contained in the securities prospectus, to include a reference to the information disclosed to him. Источник: Система ГАРАНТ

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