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		26 January 2018

Be careful, counterfeit!

Осторожно, контрафакт! Our customers are often contacted by consumers of bearing products in order to check the authenticity of the pre-existing bearings by the manufacturer, which, according to the suppliers, is JSC "10-GPZ". In a number of cases, as a result of inspections, the company's specialists determine that bearings supplied to different consumers, as well as accompanying documents (product passports) are counterfeit. In particular, the facts of the supply of counterfeit (counterfeit) products, allegedly produced by JSC "10-GPZ", were noted for the supply of bearings products: Novovoronezh NPP (supplier of LLC «Servisprom», Moscow city); Smolensk and Leningrad A3S (supplier of LLC «ResursKomplekt», Tomsk city); Beloyarskaya A3S (supplier of LLC «Universal Bearing Technologies», Yekaterinburg city); Krasnoyarsk GRES-2 (supplier of LLC» Modern Energy Technologies», Podolsk city); PJSC "T plus" (supplier of LLC "TechAgroSnab", Saratov city); The coal company Kuzbassrazrezugol (supplier of LLC «Promelektroservis», Perm city); Korshunov Mining and Processing Plant (supplier of LLC «Promtehsnab», Omsk city); Tyazhmashservis (supplier of LLC «Podshipnik-Agro», Saratov city); Sibkabel (supplier of LLC «NPO Podshipnik», Perm city. In addition, fake certificates of dealers have been published on the website Bearing-Export LLC, «Podshipnik-Volga Group» LLC, «Bearing-Import» LLC - these certificates were never issued by the dealer of JSC 10-GPZ . The most reliable way to purchase high-quality original products is to purchase goods from authorized distributors of JSC "10-GPZ". To verify the authenticity of the purchased products, the consumer can send photos of the product with all designations to the address, as well as copies of the existing documents (passports, certificates, ...), after which the representatives of JSC "10-GPZ" will contact you. All photographs should be in focus and of acceptable quality in the requests for inspection it is desirable to indicate the name of the supplier, with provision of copies of purchase documents (invoices, invoices, ...), which will facilitate the adoption of measures against suppliers of counterfeit (counterfeit) products.

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