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		16 May 2017

Features of storage and packing of bearings

Особенности хранения и упаковки подшипников

Bearings, sent for storage, are conserved and packaged. It helps protect parts from corrosion. These processes are carried out in accordance with the technical documentation for packaging and preservation of bearings. Shelf life depends on the method of packaging and preservation.

Proper, accurate storage of the parts in warehouse conditions is the guarantee to their reliable operation in the nodes of various devices. Therefore it is very important that the storage room meet the technical requirements for proper storage of bearings.

During storage a constant monitoring of the humidity and air temperature in the warehouse should be carried out. Bearings are stored in a dry place, not subject to vibration. The humidity and temperature in the warehouse must be constant. It is impossible that the relative humidity of air exceeds the level of sixty percent. The temperature should be maintained in the range of fifteen to twenty-five degrees. The daily temperature difference should not exceed five degrees.

It is necessary to have a warehouse receiver - an isolated room used for the entry of vehicles and loading / unloading of parts. Boxes with parts must be kept for one or two days in the warehouse in order to equalize the temperature.

Storing the bearings, the outer diameter of which does not exceed three hundred millimeters, should be on the shelves. Details of larger diameter are stored in boxes.

Items wrapped in a ribbon should be laid in boxes or crates.

Shelving should be located at a distance of not less than seventy-five centimeters from the outer walls. The boxes are stacked in rows of not more than two meters high.

There should be a sufficient distance for the free entrance of the electric car between the double rows of installed boxes. Large-size boxes should be set considering free access to them from both sides.

Storage should be organized in the way that from the warehouse primarily it is possible to give boxes with a longer shelf life. This arrangement of goods will reduce the cost of re-conservation of parts and reduce the amount of work.

Unpack parts only in the places specially prepared for installation or inspection. Unpacking should be done right before using the parts.

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