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		6 September 2018

Protection measures for employees of pre-retirement age

Защита работников предпенсионного возраста

According to Chemezov, in the first place, such a condition should be the preservation of jobs. In addition, it will be necessary, if possible, to organize an increase in existing or additional qualifications.

The head of Rostec stressed that it is necessary to regularly index salaries and ensure timely medical care. Chemezov recalled that President Vladimir Putin believes it is right to protect labor rights not only by administrative measures.

“This is not a panacea,” said the general director of the state corporation. According to him, the order of the head of state to create incentives for business seems logical. Therefore, all employers should be interested in retaining citizens of pre-retirement age.

Chemezov also supported the idea of ​​introducing strict, including criminal, liability for the illegal dismissal of such employees. “It's a kind of discrimination,” he praised employers for similar behavior.

Earlier, deputies of regional parliaments intensified efforts to maintain benefits for citizens of pre-retirement age . In a recent televised address, President Vladimir Putin proposed a series of measures to mitigate changes in pension legislation.

Source: Stanislav Shinkarev

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