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		7 May 2018

“A coincidence”

Неслучайное совпадение

“The adoption by the head of state of the foundations of a state policy on industrial safety is now not accidental. This document is essentially a landmark, it was the result of many statements at the highest level. In his message to the Federal Assembly, a number of other public speeches, and even in today's inaugural address, Vladimir Putin repeatedly spoke about improving industrial politics in Russia.The idea of ​​innovation, development of the country, and digitalization has been consistently brought to life.

All these are links of one chain - Russia is leading to a powerful leap in industrial development, in fact, to new industrialization. The issue of industrial safety is not only the protection of the health of citizens at work, but also protection from industrial espionage, and the deliberate prevention of complex production problems. State policy in this area lays the foundation for development, improves the legal framework - the country's leadership puts this problem in priority for the country, "the analyst notes.

The day before the inauguration, Vladimir Putin signed four new decrees. Two of them are associated with memorable dates, the third introduces a lump sum payment to veterans in connection with the anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The latter is most noteworthy - Decree No. 198 approves the foundations of the country's state policy in the field of industrial safety for the period up to 2025 and for the future. This 15-page document will be the basis for a more detailed plan.

“As you know, many postulates of industrial safety in Russia, operating today, were developed back in Soviet times. But now our country faces completely different challenges that cannot be overcome, guided by documents of 50 years ago. Although these documents were literate, high-quality, but still they are outdated.

In this regard, the actualization of the entire direction of industrial safety is ahead - as amended for the 21st century. We need to improve industrial policy for the conditions of rapidly developing technologies, given hackers, instant information transfer at a distance and modern inventions, "the political scientist believes.

Looking back on experience

The foundations of the state strategy approved by the president were instructed to approve the government of the Russian Federation within three months. It is also obliged to approve during this time an action plan for its implementation, to monitor implementation and to submit annually to the President of the Russian Federation a report on the state of industrial safety of the Russian Federation and measures to strengthen it. Industrial safety is a state of protection of the vital interests of the individual and society from accidents at hazardous production facilities and the consequences of these accidents.

The main purpose of these standards is to prevent accidents and minimize their consequences at hazardous production facilities. The industrially developed countries of the world have made some progress in this area - for example, many Western enterprises have not adhered to the safety first concept for decades. According to this principle, everything that can provoke an accident or an emergency in a production should be instantly eliminated, becoming a general rule.

“It is quite natural that Russia will look back on foreign experience in developing a new state strategy. It’s not necessary to adopt the norms of production culture, but what is relevant for Russia today. A society that is trying on other people's experience is potentially in a better situation than its predecessors - you have to learn not from your own, but from the mistakes of others, and this is much more practical.

In this sense, there are no foreign practices in the adoption. Moreover, this is a very useful experience - to analyze the pros and cons of the results that others received through painful trial and error. And subsequently, a unified individual state strategy is to be developed for Russia, which will meet all the interests of our country, "concludes Vladimir Shapovalov.

Author: Maksim Buth

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