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		11 August 2020

The most profitable currency for storing savings in Russia was named

Названа самая выгодная валюта для хранения сбережений в России

The central bank can "play" the exchange rates in two situations. This is primarily done to support Russian exporters. In the second case, directional fluctuations in the exchange rate are due to the sale and purchase of government bonds denominated in rubles.

The policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the issue of currency is aimed at serving the country's economy. The welfare of citizens does not depend on it, the words of the expert of the FBA "Economy Today" .

Residents of the Russian Federation should be guided not by the exchange rate, but by the amount of income. If a person's earnings can ensure his dignified existence, then there is no need to be interested in the value of the dollar or euro, Ishchenko stressed.

The interest of Russian residents in currencies has been preserved since the nineties, but now the situation in the country is completely different and it is much more profitable to keep savings in rubles, the specialist is sure.

The pipelayer capable of completing the construction of Nord Stream 2 had previously refused to participate in the project, says Russian Planet ....

Source: PoliteExpert

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