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		11 May 2016

Future technologies

Технологии будущего Recent studies have shown that the addition of nanoparticles to lubricants significantly improves their properties. Nanofluids were synthesized using carbon nanotubes and a variety of metal, and ceramic oxide particles. Adding nanoparticles to the lubrication increases its ability to conduct heat more effectively protect the mechanism against external damage, prevent premature wear. In tests nanosmesi having a part of the carbon nanocomponents, showed excellent results. Now, the experts decided to add nanosmesi and lubricants, which come to the customers. Grease with nanosmesyu is an excellent purchase - it provides excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and the bearings are protected from friction and premature wear and will last you much longer. Scientists say that the addition of only 0.01% nanosmazki from across the total mass of the lubricant, can improve the thermal conductivity by 17% and this without changing the viscosity! Abdul Khaliq Rashid from Nottingham University with optimism says that graphene nanosmazki extend grease life by about 20% of the total resource. With all of this new lubricant may become cheaper as nanoparticles reduce the amount of other additives in the lubricant. Mohammad Khalid, principal investigator of the project, says that the new lubricant will soon be available and simple users can, for example, to try to grease the bearings on the nanoparticles.

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