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		14 December 2016

"I see the world through my heart"

«Мне через сердце виден мир»

December 8th Rostov-on-Don the Fifteenth regional festival of creativity of children with disabilities took place in Rostov-on-Don. The festival was organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Regional House of Folk Art with the support of the Don region enterprises, including JSC "Tenth Bearing Plant".

1200 children from all over the Rostov region came to the Don capital to participate in a finale of the festival.


"I see the world through my heart" is a true celebration of kindness and cordiality. The festival shows us that the art is available to everyone if there are desire and patience.


The event was preceded by the crafts and fine arts exhibition. More than 500 young artists represented their works in various techniques: painting, beading, embroidery ribbons, craft from natural materials.


The festival target is to discover child’s talent, develop it. Creativity in art helps these children not only find themselves but also in the process of socialization.


Looking at the guys you would not think that it is not easy for them to communicate with the world. Many of them do not see, do not hear, have a difficulties to pick up a pencil or a brush. But they sing and dance, recite poems, perform circus tricks.

"Tenth Bearing Plant" congratulates children on the coming New Year and wishes them success and fulfillment of dreams in 2017. Thanks to the festival organizers giving such an opportunity to the children to show their talents. We should all learn from these guys the courage and optimism. Next year we will be happy to support the festival.

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