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		9 November 2016

Mechanics or "automatic"?

Механика или "автомат"? Russians are more and more interested in cars with manual transmission. Positive dynamics of the sales of models with automatic transmission has changed, customers more rarely stare at "automatic" models, that are more expensive, and increasingly vote by their purse for three pedals and classical "mechanics".
The analytic agency “Autostat” published the latest data on sales of new passenger cars with automatic transmission. It turned out that for the first 9 months of 2016 Russians bought cars with automatic transmission 9% fewer compared to the same period of the last year. The total figure is 486,900 units and the share of the total domestic market is 51.6%.
Apparently, the crisis has changed customer plans and induced buyers to the purchase of more affordable models with manual transmission, the agency “AutoVesti” wrote.
The most popular "two-pedal" car in Russia became a low-cost sedan Hyundai “Solaris”, 39,400 copies of which were sold. It is logical that the next after "Solaris" on demand is its Korean analogue Kia “Rio” with automatic transmission which has found 34,000 customers. it should be noted that Hyundai model lost to his last year's result 21.5% immediately, but demand on its analogue from Kia even increased by 11%.
Next in the ranking of the most popular cars with automatic transmission are two Toyota models: business-sedan Camry (21,600 cars) and RAV4 crossover (20,700 cars). Top five is topped off by folk sedan Volkswagen Polo Kaluga assembly with the result of 16,700 cars.
As per results of September 2016 the largest share of new cars sales in the Russian market has fallen on crossovers and SUVs but not on the budget sedans. The share of class SUV cars has increased to 42% of total sales, so for the first time cars of this class are ahead of former undisputed leader budget B-class. The bestsellers are Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster and Lada 4x4.
Source: и-Маш. Ресурс Машиностроения.

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