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		31 March 2017

Competitor for "KamAZ" to be created in Togliatti

Конкурента для "КамАЗа" решили создать в Тольятти

The entrepreneur Alexei Sivakov proposed to organize the production of trucks in Togliatti.

Until now it is known that the new car's name will be "Ivan" and its carrying capacity will be more than 40 tons. The same name stock company is already registered in Autograd. The authors of the project promise that the frame, suspension, chassis and engine will be local production without buying any units abroad. "The truck will be 90 percent domestic", - said Mr. Pimenov. In addition, the design development of the truck "Ivan" will be done by Russian engineers. We are also negotiating to carry out the necessary calculations, tests and design of the frame and cabin, Mr. Pimenov said. The timing of the project has not yet been disclosed.

Today in Russia only "KamAZ" produces cars of this class. Since most of the components of the future Togliatti truck are planned to be produced in Russia, imported similar class cars will be much more expensive than "Ivan".

"There is message from the President of the Russian Federation, in which he draws the attention of Russian businessmen to the fact that automotive industry of large-capacity trucks is poorly developed in our country," Mr. Pimenov, vice president for production of JSC "Ivan", commented for the "Details". There is only KamAZ in our country producing heavy load capacity cars. According to this, the president of our company assembled an initiative group, which has the task to develop a business idea and plan to create a new domestic car with a large load capacity. A lot of work was done, Russian design studios and engineers were involved and carried out calculations for this car. As a result of this work, the concept of a new car with a carrying capacity of more than 40 tons appeared. It's called "Ivan".

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