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		21 November 2016

KAMAZ plans 6% increase of exports in 2016

КАМАЗ в 2016 году намерен увеличить экспорт на 6%

Until the end of 2016 KAMAZ plans to export 6.2 thousand items of vehicles and assembly kits. Compared with last year this is an increase of 6%.

Meanwhile, in the first ten months of this year KAMAZ demonstrated overfulfillment of the business plan of trailers and spare parts export. Thus, in the period January-October performance indicators for selling of trailers exceeded 36%, parts - 14% (in value terms), KAMAZ press-service said. In October the first batch of KAMAZ trailers and spare parts have been delivered to Havana as part of the agreement signed with the Cuban government in April which has a positive impact on the actual export performance of KAMAZ.

At the same time, downturn in CIS countries market, where the position of Russian automaker has traditionally been strong, has a significant negative impact on KAMAZ vehicles export. For example, in the 10 months in Kazakhstan the registration of trucks fell by three times compared to last year.

In these conditions, KAMAZ is looking for new markets. Sales figures of cars and assembly kits are significantly increased in the South-East Asia countries. In 2016 the main market in the region as well as the main export market for KAMAZ was Vietnam. Over 90% of the total sales of vehicles in this region falls on Vietnam. Despite the fact that lineup of the delivered to the country KAMAZ vehicles is quite wide, the greatest demand in Vietnam is dump trucks KAMAZ-6540 and KAMAZ-65115 (about 60% of total supply).

As previously reported by analytical agency AUTOSTAT, in the first ten months of 2016 KAMAZ sold more than 25000 trucks which is 22% more compared to the same period last year. By the end of the current year it is planned to sell 34 thousand KAMAZ vehicles (+ 7% to the business plan).

A sourse: AUTOSTAT

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