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		20 April 2017

“GAZ group” has designed mobile medical center “GAZelle Next”

"Группа ГАЗ" разработала мобильный медицинский центр "ГАЗель Next"

“GAZ group” represents new development – mobile medical center based on minivan “GAZelle Next”.

The car was presented at the 11th All-Russian forum “The health of the nation is the basis for prosperity of Russia”, organized by All-Russian public organization “League of Health of the Nation’s” and the Ministry of health of Russia with support of the Moscow Government.

The car is designed to carry out on-site medical examinations, diagnostics, prophylactics and emergency medical care. The mobile center consists of two independent modules which can be equipped with the necessary set of medical facilities and life support systems. In fact these are two full-fledged medical rooms where doctors of different specialties are able to work in comfortable conditions.

In basis configuration the center consists of two medical rooms with an area of up to 8 sq.m., each of them has a couch for examination of patients, doctor’s table as well as set of cabinets and stands with the attachments for various equipment. The rooms have separate entrances and are equipped with WC.

Modules located in a minibus and a trailer can be used to create rooms for functional diagnostics, dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, child and woman’s health, urology, mobile fluorography and X-Ray office, labs for different purposes, mobile donor point and much more.

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