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		28 July 2017

"GAZ Group" has prepared electric "GAZelle Next"

«Группа ГАЗ» подготовила электрическую «ГАЗель Next»

GAZ Group has developed a unified platform for electric versions of commercial vehicles of the "GAZelle Next" family. The president of GAZ Group Mr. Vadim Sorokin told that to «At the wheel» magazine, adding that on-board trucks, vans and minibuses can be manufactured on the basis of a unified platform. At present, the company has already manufactured three prototypes of electric vehicle, another one will be shown at international freight show COMTRANS 2017 in Moscow in September.

The carrying capacity of electric vehicle based on “GAZelle Next” is 1500 kg. The car is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 90 kW (122.3 hp) with a reducer of its own design. The maximum speed of the electric version is 100 km/h, the range from one charge is 120 km.

The GAZ Group is not going to stop on prototypes. Further development of the lineup of electric vehicles GAZ will be implemented after the development of the base of components, both own and joint with partners that are not named. "The main problem today is the high cost of basic electrical components, almost 100% of which are imported, - Mr. Sorokin said. - Therefore, at the present time, GAZ Group together with Moscow State University and other partners is developing an electric motor for light commercial vehicles with higher efficiency, batteries with its own control system and a number of other key vehicle components. It is planned to begin assembling of the prototypes of a new generation with better characteristics in the fall."

A sourse: AUTOSTAT

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