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		5 April 2017

The state will continue its fight against counterfeit.

Государство продолжит борьбу с контрафактом.

The Ministry of Economy estimated that the half of spare parts in the Russian car market is counterfeit and entered into a fight against it. According to people in the ministry, using chipping of parts by analogy with fur products manufacturing is one of the options. Auto dealers suggest to counteract illegal spare parts sellers through licensing of service centers. However autoconcerns are skeptical of both ideas. Experts suggest to make the chipping of the details obligatory to passing a vehicle inspection.

Russian spare part and auto components market is about US$ 40 billions a year, said Mr. Pavel Fink, deputy director of the Ministry Department of the development of economic sectors at the meeting of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy. Mr. Fink said, that 50% of this market is counterfeit and 80% of the market volume is import. According to Mr. Fink, it is necessary to concentrate efforts on fighting against counterfeit to stimulate Russian manufacturers. In the Ministry of of Economic explained to “Kommersant”, that to suppress the appearance of counterfeit in the fur market, the project on marking (chipping) of fur products is now being implemented and for spare parts  a similar approach can be applied.

The problem of counterfeit bothers auto dealers also. In the crisis the auto service became a main source of incomes. The Association of Russian Automobile Dealers sent a letter to the Ministry of Industry and Trade ("Kommersant" has it), in which its ideas on combating the “gray services” is presented. It was proposed to "legislatively fix the regulation of the market of services" with their licensing and the creation of "a quality control tool by the state". In addition, it is necessary to fix the qualification requirements for employees and suppliers of spare parts. It is believed in Association that such regulations will protect consumers from poor quality products and services. The Ministry of Economics is aware of this, but "the issue requires elaboration." In the Ministry of Industry and Trade their opinion is "not yet formed".

A sourse: Kommersant

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