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		20 January 2020

Export to the brink

Экспорт на грани "The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to extend the implementation of these programs until 2024, synchronizing them in time with national projects. The import substitution plans, like the national export development project, have a common ultimate goal - increasing the global competitiveness of Russian products," said Vasily Osmakov, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The accelerated import substitution program was launched in 2014. “It had the greatest effect on the machine-building sector. Thus, the share of Russian products in heavy engineering increased over the past five years from 40 to 67%, in the oil and gas - from 43 to 54.7%, in the food - from 12 to 40%,” said "RG" Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.

In most manufacturing industries, the share of domestic products should exceed 70% by 2024. It is, in particular, energy and heavy engineering (81.7 and 73%, respectively), the electrical and cable industries (80.2%). It is planned to increase the share in oil and gas engineering up to 65%, in the machine tool industry - up to 31% (see chart).

"In most manufacturing industries, the share of domestic products should exceed 70% by 2024"

Since the start of the import substitution program, almost a thousand types of products have been launched. The total amount of investments attracted by the business amounted to about 2 trillion rubles. “Now our main task for the next five-year period is to ensure the implementation of national projects with Russian products and technologies. The demand is estimated at about 5,800 industry positions, with about 80% already being produced in Russia,” added Vasily Osmakov.

Many types of products produced as part of import substitution programs have high export potential. These include radar systems for international airports, next-generation solar panels, oil immersion cables and pumping systems. A number of projects are initially focused on foreign markets. Among them - the production of artificial sapphire, optical fiber, drip irrigation systems for the agricultural sector.

Source: RG.ru

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