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		10 October 2016

Our achievements

Наши достижения At the plant in honor of the Day of machine builder was a solemn event to congratulate all the employees of the enterprise and honored veterans of labor, we honored the best production workers. As reported at the plant of "10-ILI" could increase the order backlog and productivity by 36%, and, consequently, profit. Hold strong performance, develop production, the team helps an innovative approach to solving problems. The company invests heavily in the modernization and development of new technologies. The plant's management attaches great importance to the improvement of services and creation of comfortable conditions for the customer service. "But well-regulated production - not the only component of the success of the enterprise, - said director general of the 10-GPP Alexander Kuznetsov. - The main thing - it's personnel, professional, active and responsible experts in their field. The plant is constantly working to improve working conditions, training and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. " He congratulated the staff on the Day of Machinist and handed diplomas deserved veterans of labor factory. There have also been awarded diplomas from the non-profit organization Union "Interrepublican concern" bearing "," and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. After that was a raffle among the employees, which is held on a monthly basis.

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