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		8 November 2017

Day of Don goods

День донских товаров The days of the Don products are offered in addition to the procurement sessions of the Don suppliers, conducted for large-format trading networks, and is also aimed at increasing the share of Don products on the shelves of chain stores.
"Each retail chain operating on the territory of the Rostov Region must spend the Don's Day at least once a quarter. This will enable our producers to once again show the class and quality of their products. Thus, we will support the entry of local producers into large retail chains. In addition, customers will once again see what is a product with the sign "Made on Don". It is known that people try to buy goods with such marks, knowing that they will get good quality products, "Vasily Golubev said. Now the system of voluntary certification "Made on Don" includes 36 enterprises. Acting are 77 certificates for 1,686 products.
In 2018, about 10 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget for the development of the "Made on Don" system and the popularization of goods and services that have passed voluntary certification. This will serve as marketing support to the Don manufacturers, whose products are marked with the sign "Made on Don".
The task of the regional ministries is not only to fix good economic results, the head of the region of government members reproached that the dynamics of the production of the Don again exceeds the average Russian indicators. It is necessary to accurately understand the residents' satisfaction with these economic indicators, the governor believes.
"You work not on figures, but on the feelings of the inhabitants of the region, their satisfaction with the way food production and consumer goods work," said Vasily Golubev.
Source: Press Service of the Governor of Rostov Region

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