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		12 January 2017

AvtoVAZ increased its stake to 20% in 2016

АВТОВАЗ в 2016 году увеличил долю до 20% In December 2016 AvtoVAZ sold 27630 cars on the Russian market which is 17.8% more comparing with the previous year. Thus, LADA car sales show an increase in the sixth consecutive month. At the end of 2016 all Russian dealers of AvtoVAZ sold 266,296 cars, which is 1% lower than a year ago. As a result, the share of LADA in the past year has reached 20% against 17.8% a year earlier according to the company's own estimates.
The best-seller of AVTOVAZ in 2016 is LADA Granta. Its sales were 87726 cars (-27%). Second place in AvtoVAZ model range is taken by sedan LADA Vesta with 55174 sold cars. In the list of the most sold in the Russian market, these models were the second and fourth, respectively.

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