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		15 October 2020

The Rosspetsmash Association offers the Russian government a set of measures for the development of domestic machine building

Ассоциация «Росспецмаш» предлагает правительству России комплекс мер по развитию отечественного машиностроения

The factories were able to achieve these results due to the well-coordinated work of the labor collective, the experience of the management staff and the current support measures on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation . In 2021, the Government is ready to further support the domestic engineering industry by introducing new measures and additional funding for current programs.

In order to ensure the stable development of domestic enterprises in the future, increase their share in the domestic market and increase exports, it is necessary to solve the systemic problems faced by equipment manufacturers. To achieve the set goals, consolidated actions of all enterprises in the industry are required.

Creating an overall supportive background

It is necessary to change the vector of economic policy in such a way as to ensure the implementation of the Federal Law on Industrial Policy in the Russian Federation, as well as sectoral development strategies:

1) legislatively establish the responsibility of the Bank of Russia for the growth of production and the creation of jobs in the economy;

2) reorient the functions of the Tax Code from purely fiscal to stimulating ones, through tax benefits, deductions and bonuses;

3) revise the taxation of energy, transport and raw materials in order to reduce their cost within the country;

4) freeze electricity tariffs for enterprises in manufacturing sectors of the economy;

5) to reduce the economic attractiveness of the export of unprocessed raw materials and metals.

Production development

In order to accelerate the modernization of production facilities and the technical and technological development of specialized mechanical engineering products, it is necessary to ensure the sufficiency, stability and predictability of financing of existing government support measures, as well as to introduce new mechanisms of industrial policy:

1) introduce a mechanism for providing a subsidy from the federal budget to compensate for part of the costs associated with the development and launch of new products of specialized mechanical engineering on the market:

- to expedite the introduction of amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1649;

- to continue the practice of providing concessional loans through the IDF;

- to develop and introduce an industry-specific mechanism for subsidizing pilot lots of specialized machinery and equipment;

2) introduce a mechanism for providing grants from the federal budget for organizing the production of components for specialized equipment in the Russian Federation (engines, hydraulic elements, bridges, transmissions, bearings and elements of fuel systems and other components) in the amount of at least 50% of the costs allocated for them development and serial production;

3) approve the Strategy for the Development of Road Construction and Trailer Engineering for the Period of 2030, which includes the main approaches to government regulation and support in the context of industry segments;

4) develop and approve the Strategy for the development of the production of key components for the production of specialized equipment for the period up to 2030;

5) include road-building and trailed equipment in the scope of application of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 823 from January 1, 2021 and provide funding for segments in the amount of at least 3 billion rubles, with the possibility of increasing the limit;

6) increase the amount of subsidies within the framework of the concessional leasing program for consumers who have taken off the register and disposed of specialized equipment over 15 years old;

7) in 2021, hold an exhibition-forum of Russian manufacturers of road construction machinery

8) ensure that manufacturers gain access to the statistics of state registration of self-propelled vehicles.


It is necessary to continue and develop positive trends in industrial policy aimed at ensuring reasonable protectionism:

1) increase the rates of customs duties on specialized machine-building products to at least the level enshrined in Russia's obligations to the WTO ;

2) in order to improve the system of administration of the utilization fee, as well as to fill the federal budget of the Russian Federation:

- to index the rates of the utilization fee to the level of 15-20% of the market value of the equipment;

- introduce a recycling fee for stationary equipment, trailed and mounted types of specialized equipment, as well as components through the introduction of new methods of administration, for example, through the introduction of mandatory labeling;

- Introduce a utilization fee for the equipment to be built (concrete mixers, cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks, KDM, etc.);

3) within the framework of expanding the application of the criteria for the availability of industrial production in the territory of the Russian Federation and improving the procedure for issuing the relevant conclusions:

- to include in the Order of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation No. 52 provisions on the administrative and criminal liability of experts and the leadership of regional chambers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the quality and timing of inspections and preparation of expert examination reports;

- to amend the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719, providing for the specification of the requirements for technological operations performed in the production of specialized equipment, and introduce a point system for assessing the level of localization;

- link industrial subsidies within the framework of Russian Federation Government Resolutions No. 145 and 146 to Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 719;

- to apply to the Government of the Russian Federation on the need to provide subsidies at the expense of the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation exclusively for the purchase of specialized equipment that meets the requirements of Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719;

- apply to the Government of the Russian Federation on the need to provide subsidies to credit institutions to compensate for lost income on loans issued to agricultural producers at a preferential rate as part of the implementation of Resolution No. 1528, exclusively for the purchase of agricultural machinery that meets the requirements of Resolution No. 719;

5) within the framework of state and municipal procurement and procurement of companies with state participation, introduce quotas for the provision of services using imported specialized machinery and equipment;

6) amend the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 1, 2016 No. 740 in terms of improving the procedure for organizing work on testing agricultural machinery and adjusting the list of criteria for determining the functional characteristics (consumer properties) and efficiency of agricultural machinery and equipment;

7) approve the mandatory confirmation of the conformity of self-propelled vehicles to the requirements of technical regulations in the form of type approval of self-propelled vehicles (OTSM) with mandatory approval in the authorized state body;

8) establish a deadline for the temporary import of grain harvesters into the customs territory of the Russian Federation in 10 calendar days;

9) introduce measures to protect the domestic market from subsidized imports of specialized equipment and components from abroad (anti-dumping measures against manufacturers of third countries);

10) to ensure the fight against counterfeit and low-quality imports of components for specialized engineering (introduction of certification and labeling of components).

Export development

To maintain the growth rate of Russian exports in foreign markets amid the recession in the global economy, as well as to further strengthen the positive image and recognition of Russian brands, it is necessary:

1) resume the implementation of the mechanism to guarantee the buyback of Russian products in 2021-2023;

2) continue the practice of participating in international exhibition and fair events and business missions abroad. And also to introduce a compensatory principle of financing such events in accordance with the priorities (export volume, geographic expansion) established in the strategic planning documents;

3) increase the marginal volume of costs reimbursed when transporting products to foreign markets from 11% to 20%;

4) increase the volume of export deliveries of specialized equipment using credit and insurance products offered by Russian export support institutions.

Implementation of measures planned by the Government of the Russian Federation to support domestic enterprises, as well as when making changes to technical regulation, improving non-tariff regulation, increasing the degree of localization, etc. - will reduce the dependence of consumers on imported equipment and components, increase the number of jobs, increase wages and make the Russian economy stronger.


Source: Rambler Finance

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