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		14 February 2017

Active preparation: Lada Izhevsk assembled 10 wagons Vesta

Активная подготовка: Lada Ижевск собрал 10 универсалов Vesta

According to, in preparation for the serial production of Lada Vesta SW, the Igevsk factory has produced 10 prototypes of the Vesta station wagon prototype. The vehicles were assembled from parts supplied from a factory in Tolyatti. Work was resumed immediately after the new year holidays, following through according to plan.

Currently, it is too early to evaluate wither the factory can autonomously handle large scale production. In the near future the Igevsk factory will acquire welding equipment and stamping presses required to produce small and medium sized stamped parts.

Lada Vesta SW will be equipped with a power train similar to that seen in sedans: fuel engine 1.6 or 1.8 liters, with 106 and 122 HP available for each capacity respectively; paired with the larger engine capacity comes an automatic gearbox.

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